27 27.03.2019

3D printing technologies

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Stereolithography? Fused Deposition Modeling? Direct Metal or Plastic Laser Sintering? Did you know that these 3D printing technologies offer customized solutions to your demands? Our specialists in Industrial Design are looking forward to understanding your needs. Contact us via Private message. The first consultation is free of charge.

More infos: https://ch-businessdesign.com/industrial-design

20 20.03.2019

DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering

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Have you heard of DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)?

DMLS or Direct Laser Sintering of Metal is a process that enables the creation of products with a high degree of precision and has excellent mechanical properties through the sintering of powdered metal.

DMLS Advantages:

Excellent resolution / precision in the production of objects
Ability to produce objects through existing objects
Ability to stop and restart the 3D printing process
Ability to switch between two print processes

Interested in this subject? Contact one of our specialists for a free Industrial Design consultation. ”

14 14.03.2019

Seeking Industrial Design solutions

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Seeking Industrial Design solutions for plastic components or cabinets? Planar Modular Prototype Technology may be the solution to your business. Talk to one of our specialists and get to know more about this technology. The first consultation is free. Just send us a Private Message.

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