22 08, 2019


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Our DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS concept starts with YOUR NEEDS. Contact us for a first 2-hour potential analysis for FREE. Clink on the link below and know how to get this benefit. More Infos: https://ch-businessdesign.com/landingpage-ac-campaign-08-19

17 08, 2019

Franchising in Brazil

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Are you thinking of investing in Franchising in Brazil? This is GREAT news. Modernization Of The Franchising Legal Framework makes it even safer to invest in Franchising in Brazil. Check the details on the article below, published by TozziniFreire Advogados. Want to know more about investing in Brazil? Talk to one of our consultants – [...]

17 08, 2019


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Would you like to know how Stereolithography works in practice? Check this video below. Do you want to know more about SLA? Our specialists in Industrial Design are looking forward to understanding your needs. Contact us via Private message. The first consultation is free of charge. More Infos: https://ch-businessdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/IMG_3088.mov