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1. Market Study

2. Feasibility study

3. Social Media Strategies

4. Market Entrance

5. Market communication, branding, web design, SEO

6. Technical translations

7. Know-how transfer

8. Franchising + license agreements

9. Legal advice in your own language

10. Company opening or closure

11. International reports to the headquarters, management accounting sheet (BAB) and KPI analyses

12. Human Resources in your own language

13. Ad Interim Management


Design Thinking is an alternative problem-solving method that finds creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. The starting point is the need for the target group, which are the focus throughout the entire process. In Design Thinking, people from all walks of life work together to try to leave old patterns, try new things, and find new solutions through the combination of their different expertise – true to the motto: “All of us are smarter than any of us.”
CH-BusinessDesign is therefore specialized in a market conquest for your company. We help you to increase your results effectively, and not just efficiently.
We use the innovative 5-step business design approach:


Problem definition and re-definition

At the beginning there is a challenge that has to be mastered. The question should be focused as far as possible on the needs of a target group (customers) and not necessarily already include the solution. On board is a multidisciplinary team with many different competencies and specialties, in which hierarchy plays no role.

• Define the challenge or task

• Focus on customer needs

• Create a team of different areas


Open your eyes, be curious and learn

Everyone starts out as a discoverer in a Design Thinking project. Here you work more like an ethnologist in a foreign culture, with naive questions, observations, photos and sketches. The target group is explored through interviews and observation. This often already shows the magic of a new idea, in that the problematic changes and can be redefined (“the reframe”). Only when the needs of the users are known, a collection of ideas makes sense.

• Put yourself in the target group and take the perspective of your customer

• Check if the problematic description is still correct

• Redefine the challenge (if necessary)


Be brave, discover new ways and find ideas

Limited time generates creativity. The team should collect as many ideas as possible in a short time, which will then be clustered in order to finally focus on one or a few selected ideas. Brainstorming is still the ideal way to many good ideas. To succeed, the following rules should be observed:

• Work visually with pictures or sketches

• Reset criticism

• Use inspiration from other market segments

• The mass counts! Develop as many ideas as possible

• Support “wild” ideas


Try and test ideas

Design thinking is not just about having an idea as quickly as possible, but also about implementing it. As an object, role-play or otherwise made experienceable, strengths and weaknesses of the solution can be recognized quickly. Likewise targeted feedbacks can be obtained.

• Experience ideas in the form of a prototype

• Use different methods and forms of presentation

• Fail early and often – take risks, allow mistakes and correct them early


Stopover and back to new horizons

Review the prototype together with representatives of the target group on its strengths and weaknesses and collect feedback: Often good new ideas are created here that lead to new products and services. Initial prototypes during this phase will prepare the later implementation of the final prototype. Or you go back a few steps and start over there again.

• Check the ideas with different target groups – internally and possibly also externally

• Use the feedback for a course correction or continuation

• Now you can move on to the implementation!

Source: Nah Magazine Salesforce – issue 5


Franchisors make their brands go international. CH-businessDesign & Partners help your Franchise to succeed in Austria, Brazil and Switzerland.
As native experts we can help you out on the following matters:

Identifying opportunities

Our team of specialists will provide with you with the most updated trends in Franchising in Austria, Brazil and Switzerland.

Franchising locally

We are able to critically assess your business and point out changes to suit a local market and boost your Franchise. 

Overcoming bureaucracy

CH-Business Design partners work to make faster the process of legally opening your business.

Succeeding internationally

Thinking of bringing your Franchise to Austria, Brazil or Switzerland? Talk to our team and schedule a free consultation.

Why to invest in Franchising?

In 2016, the net turnover for franchises in Austria amounted to approximately $10.3 billion, an increase of 7% from the previous year. In Austria Franchising represents 5% of retail sales. Therefore, it is a high potential market.

Despite Brazil’s current economic scenario, Franchise sector grew 6.3% in 2018’s third quarter. Brazil has one of the most regulated Franchise markets in the world. There are specific laws for this sector, which makes investing safe and not bureaucratic.  

Switzerland has a very favorable tax environment and excellent links to the international tax system via a vast network of double taxation treaties. The purchasing power of the population ranks #2 among European countries..  

Source: ExportGov, ABF, Franchiseverband and GFK


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