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ICP-Brasil digital certificate is the electronic identity of a person or company, ideal for those who are in Europe and need to sign documents in Brazil.

A digital certificate assures the following advantages:

LEGAL – it provides legal validity to electronic documents.
PROCESSES – Reduces the bureaucracy of processes, as it does not require a notarized signature.
ECONOMY – It saves time, as services are performed over the internet, such as, for example, consulting income taxes, signing contracts digitally, among others.

We provide our services in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and all over Eastern Europe.



Distribuidor Autorizado SENHA / VALID. O certificado digital pode ser A1 ou A3. A1 caracteriza o certificado em arquivo de computador, com validade de 1 ano. Os A3 são mídias físicas em Token e cartão, com validade de 1 a 3 anos.

The digital certificate can be A1 or A3. A1 characterizes the certificate in a computer file, valid for 1 year. The A3 are physical media in Token and card, valid for 1 to 3 years.

E-CPF – The e-CPF Digital Certificate is the electronic version of the CPF and allows transactions on the internet to be carried out with the same legal validity as the physical document.

 E-CNPJ – This is the digital version of the CNPJ, which allows you to digitally sign and transmit data from Legal Entity operations, ensuring the integrity of the information.

NF-E – The NF-e is the certificate for issuing invoices, with several model options, according to the needs of your company.

CT-E – Electronic Bill of Lading (CTe) is an electronic document that accompanies the provision of transport services.

How do I issue my certificate?

Contact our team to schedule your appointment. Sending documents in advance will facilitate the process for the customer. Payment can be made by bank slip (in advance) or by debit / credit card or cash on the day of issue.

Face-to-face validation consists of collecting the biometrics and photo of the individual or legal representative of the company that is obtaining the certificate and will be done according to the schedule at one of our service points.

Validation can also be performed at home, either at the client’s residence or at the company’s office, in a practical and comfortable way.

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