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Contact us for values and travel rates:

We attend at our office in Vienna, Austria, during CET business hours.
We also serve at  a travel rate: Austria (besides Vienna), Switzerland, Liechtenstein,  Germany,  Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Isabel Queiroz
Tel.: +43-664-363 1414

Roberto Diniz Costa
Tel.: +43-660-909 5076 (business hours CET)

Christian Holzmeister
Tel.: +43-664-363 1415 (business hours CET)

or write to:

Authorized Dealer SENHA / VALID


To apply for a  Brazilian electronic digital certificate, you must have a valid Brazilian tax number (CPF).
If this is not yet available at the time of application, being Brazilians or foreigners, you must first apply for it through the link below.

Please follow the procedure:

1. Open link:

2. Select the country

3. Fill out and submit the form

4. A CODE is automatically generated, which has to be printed and auditioned in person at a consular representation or embassy of the selected country. The following documents must be brought along in the original

a. Passport

b. Birth certificate

c. Valid and updated electoral map (Título de Eleitor) for Brazilians

The official issue of the CPF number will be prepared immediately by the competent Brazilian consulate or embassy.

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