2 02.09.2019

Seminário Internacionalização de Empresas

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On August 22nd, FIESP hosted the event “Seminário Internacionalização de Empresas”. Our consultant, Nelson Mitake, participated in the seminar. Check the video with the event highlights, published by our partner company, Global Business Institute.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgyO9TTUIeY&fbclid=IwAR1iNUhhT_V8-jhU46GLNESYigDqgX7mkpgothJ5aM36OH4FwftG4EN8pKA

17 17.08.2019

Franchising in Brazil

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Are you thinking of investing in Franchising in Brazil? This is GREAT news. Modernization Of The Franchising Legal Framework makes it even safer to invest in Franchising in Brazil. Check the details on the article below, published by TozziniFreire Advogados. Want to know more about investing in Brazil? Talk to one of our consultants – the first consultation is free of charge. Just send us a private message.

More Infos: http://www.mondaq.com/brazil/x/815834/Franchising/Modernization+Of+The+Franchising+Legal+Framework+Is+Approved+By+The+Senate+Committee

3 03.07.2019

The biggest franchising fair in the world

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Last week São Paulo hosted the biggest franchising fair in the world. More than 66.000 visitors and 3200 participants made this event unique. Check this video published by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) with some highlights of the fair.
Are you interested in franchising in Brazil? Talk to one of our consultants – the first consultation is free of charge. Just send us a private message.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/abfoficial/videos/2367504203519838/

12 12.06.2019

Brazilian franchising sector

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Brazilian franchising sector grew 7% in the first quarter. According to ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), revenue rose from R$ 38.762 billion to R$ 41.464 billion (approximately US$10bn). Considering the last 12 months, growth was 7.5%. Check the full article, in Portuguese, on https://www.abf.com.br/com-mais-unidades-e-empregos-setor-de-franquias-cresce-7-no-1o-tri-de-2019-2/ Interested in investing in Franchising in Brazil? Talk to one of the specialists at CH-BusinessDesign by sending a private message

More infos: https://www.abf.com.br/com-mais-unidades-e-empregos-setor-de-franquias-cresce-7-no-1o-tri-de-2019-2/

13 13.02.2019

Swiss Alumni 2018

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CH-BusinessDesign is a bridge builder between cultures! Our founder, Dipl. Ing. ETH Christian Holzmeister, who is, together with Dr. ETH Gilles Maag, Co-President of the ETH Alumni Chapter – São Paulo founded this Chapter in February 02, 2013 in São Paulo. The event had, among others, the participation of Mr. Urs Brönnimann, Switzerland’s General Consul and Peter Meier, member of the CH-BusinessDesign Group. Check the video here: Video

8 08.11.2018

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BusinessDesign: Design Thinking and transformation for our clients – 5 stations for innovation our customers love

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